Gir Cow Ghee

Gir Cow Ghee Benefits

The benefits in Ayurveda are numerous. It is known strengthen, the immune system, boost energy levels, reduce inflammation and even maintain heart health. Rich in numerous vitamins. Ghee is extremely good for your skin eyesight and Brain health.

How do you eat Gir Cow Ghee?

Consume one teaspoon of cow’s ghee with warm water in morning. You can also mix a teaspoon of ghee with turmeric and boil it.Consuming this concoctions every morning helps improve immunity and cure dry cough. One can also grind raw turmeric and one teaspoon ghee and make a morning drink.

Does ghee whiten skin

To use ghee for skin lightening and an even tone make a paste using ghee and turmeric wash it off with cold water and gently lab the skin dry. This mixture is ideal for lightening the skin as both turmeric and ghee have anti oxidants, when toxins are removed from the skin, it help lighten the sports.

Can use cow ghee for cooking

 Ghee is free of trans that unlike other oil. Ghee boosts immunity, Ghee can be used cooking at high temperature.Unlike oil, when cooking is done on the high flame, Ghee is considered to be a better medium for cooking as it does not smoke easily.

Gir Cow Milk
Rs. 2000/- 500 ml

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